Clipping from an interview with Nikita Izmailov: what to prioritize, a little bit about life and bus

Recently, Nikita Izmailov, owner of Sportbank, as well as the progressive fund N1, which holds the controlling stake in the mobile bank, was interviewed, where he gave comprehensive answers.

What markets did you prefer?

Most of all I liked the markets which were in the post-Soviet area. I understand every risk associated with it. Very interested in Eastern Europe. Their location in the European zone. The ability level of buyers here is much higher compared to Ukraine. Revolut, N26 are considered to be big enough players. But so far they have not managed to get to Ukraine. It turns out that the customer service is low there. The work of secondary banks is observed. The origin of information systems is from the 2000s. But there is a demand for payments.

Would you like to live in Eastern Europe yourself?

There is no such demand yet. Ukraine is not a place you want to spend most of your time.

Where would you like to spend some time?

Italy is very fascinating. When winter comes, there is a desire to go skiing. In summer there is a desire to go swimming. In between seasons, it's better to meditate.

Is there anything good in California, Silicon Valley?

I'm not interested in those countries yet. I don't want to be an entrepreneur here. California is of no interest. There are two things to do. There is the option of going to the country as a startup. Or one could go as an aspiring middle fisherman.

Which middle foundations should be favored?

Fred Ftnans specialists continue to work in Kazakhstan. In Russia they have availability of good positions. In the territory of Ukraine, they are just beginning to open this business. Fredom Finance specialists are engaged in the provision of brokerage and forex services. The company was started by Timur Turlov. He managed to achieve everything by himself. At first he was a broker for some time. He created NASDAQ company. At the age of thirty he already had his own business and his own ideas. Fred can be considered a motivational company.

Examples like Bezos and Musk you don't want to pay attention to. They have become very cool. You can never guess what continues to drive these people. A man who has been divorced several times cannot be called happy.

Sergei Tokarev of ReFace continues to delight. The team has to give a lot of effort to develop their structure. These guys are developing artificial intelligence. Specialists are engaged in creating hackathons. The philosophical essence of their goal is to leave their mark after their activities. They have a certain mission.

Do you have such a mission?

Of course it exists. However, she doesn't have a fintech connection. Its goal is to develop healthy eating and healthy living. There is one company. Its name is Eat Easy. The company creates healthy, organic drinks. They use tea mushroom, kombucha, and sea rice. There is almost no sugar inside these drinks. Cola, for example, contains about ten spoonfuls of sugar. The mushroom is able to process the entire amount of sugar. About one hundred thousand bottles are produced in a month. When one million bottles can be produced, it can be said that cola is a competitor. The main task is to defeat cola.

What can be thought of when eighty years comes around. Probably the thought will come that, thanks to a lot of effort, you didn't eat sugar?

How do you manage to stay in shape? Probably enjoy sports

If I have free time, thirty percent of it has to do sports. During each morning workout lasts almost three hours. There is always jogging, fighting excess weight, doing stretches. With this complex, one can feel fulfilled. Effective brain work continues.